Sturmgeschutz Volume 2

Sturmgeschutz Volume 2
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Sturmgeschutz: Germany’s WWII Assault Gun Vol.2 The Late War Versions David Doyle
Price £17.99
Format Hardback
Pages 128
Illustrations Black/White photographs
Publisher Schiffer
ISBN Number 9780764355387
Product Description
The Sturmgeschutz, or StuG as it is more popularly known, while conceived as self-propelled, infantry support artillery, in time, formed the backbone of Germany’s anti-tank operations during WWII. With more than 130 war-era photos, this volume chronicles the design, development, and deployment of the final three (of nine variants) of this famed and feared weapon. The material is arranged in four chapters, each focusing on a specific production model, or Ausfuhrung, of the Sturmgeschutz. This volume focuses on the most plentiful model, the later war Ausf.G, as well as the Sturmgeschutz IV, and the similar, howitzer-armed Sturmhaubitze. Comprehensive tables reveal the details of performance, as well as technical specifications of each variant. A concise, easy to read text, and detailed photo captions expose the secrets of this iconic vehicle. Part of the Legends of Warfare series.

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