Aircraft History Volume 2.RAF Fighters 1950-60 Part One

Mark Smith


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A great variety of aircraft served with the Royal Air Force during the late 1940s and 1950s. Fighter squadrons operated the final versions of the wartime piston engined types,as well as first jets. Developed versions of these saw wide service,before being joined by the more advanced types. By the end of the decade,the RAF was flying aircraft capable of flying at twice the speed of sound.
The colours worn by these aircraft were equally varied. Some of the wartime schemes continued in use,and were used on new types which entered service,such as the Meteor night fighters. Most day fighters were painted overall in silvery aluminium colour,and squadron codes were finally replaced by often bright markings,many of which harked backed to those carried prewar. Camouflage returned to the day fighters by the middle of the decade,with Dark Green and Dark Sea Grey covering at least the upper surfaces.
This volume covers the Spitfire,Mosquito,Hornet and Meteor in frontline RAF fighter squadrons during the 1950s. Further volumes will cover the other fighter types used during this period,both in the UK and overseas

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