Axis Wings: the Luftwaffe and co-belligerent air forces compendium



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Specially commissioned artwork, and photographs from private collections.


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Chandos Publications, in association with Robert Forsyth at Chevron Publishing, will soon bring to the aviation book market the first in what we hope will be a long-running compendium relating to the Luftwaffe and co-belligerent air forces. Drawing on the talents of many well known names in the Luftwaffe research and writing community, each issue will be packed with stories, photographs and artwork. There are many fascinating pieces of information on the Axis air forces that are still unpublished, and are too short for a regular book but also too important to sit on a forgotten computer hard drive ad finitum. ‘Axis Wings’ aims to make these stories known, accompanied by specially commissioned artwork, and photographs from private collections. Each issue will be approximately 200 pages long, in softcover format. We initially plan to release two issues per annum. At this stage, the project is very much an experiment – its success depends on how well the concept is received, but as long as there is a demand we will keep going. We hope that ‘Axis Wings’ will grow organically, and become self-perpetuating, and to that end we welcome the submission of stories, photographs and comments for future editions. Unfortunately, logistical difficulties plus the irregularity of publication mean that we do not plan on offering a subscription service. However, we work closely with distribution partners Worldwide if you prefer to purchase by mail or in person in your home country. The first issue of ‘Axis Wings’ is planned for release in February

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