Concorde Timelines – A History of the Supersonic Airliner



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Concorde Timelines – A History of the Supersonic Airliner
The story of Concorde told in a timeline from the dawn of the jet age to its retirement in 2003, through archive images and technical details.
Few, if any, aircraft can claim to have had as much impact on the culture of air travel as Concorde. The name is known the world over and its sleek likes are still instantly recognisable more than a decade after it was retired. Concorde brought glamour and luxury to the jet age and became a symbol of status sought after by travellers keen to experience flying with her.

This book tells the story of Concorde from the beginnings of jet aircraft through the important milestones of passing the sound barrier, and the important collaboration between Britain and France that would see the aircraft take to the skies in 1969. It concludes with a look at the demise of the supersonic airliner, its final flights in 2003, and where to see Concorde today.

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