Dogfight 11 Fw190 Sturmjager Defence of the Reich 1943-45

Robert Forsyth



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Black / White photographs and Colour Artwork


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An illustrated account of how the USAAF’s might was challenged by the Jagdflieger and their heavily armed, and armoured, Fw 190A-8 Sturmjäger.

Developed from one of the finest fighters of World War II, the radial-engined Fw 190A-8 was conceived as a heavy assault aircraft and armed accordingly. Its mission was to provide a response to the increasing numbers of USAAF B-17 and B-24 bombers operating against targets in the western and central Reich.

This book explores the fascinating feats of the men flying the Fw 190A-8 and its subvariants. These pilots were given exceptional training and many were volunteers, some of whom were willing to sign oaths that they would bring down a bomber at all costs – even if it meant ramming the enemy aircraft.

Using first-hand accounts, archival photos, full-colour illustrations, maps and tactical diagrams, acclaimed Luftwaffe expert Robert Forsyth puts readers in the cockpit of a Sturmjäger defending the Fatherland from USAAF bombers protected by powerful Allied escort fighters.

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