Pacific Profiles Volume 13.



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IJN Bombers, Transports, Flying Boats & Miscellaneous Types South Pacific 1942-1944
Michael Claringbould, full colour, fully illustrated

Pacific Profiles Volume 13 presents the most accurate wartime profiles and histories to date of Imperial Japanese Navy bombers, transports, flying boats and miscellaneous types which served in the South Pacific.

This volume depicts the markings of two dozen mainstream and rare air groups (kokutai), many of which have never been illustrated before. Aircraft types include Betty and Nell bombers (and transports), Val and Judy dive-bombers; Emily and Mavis flying boats; Irving night fighters; Claude fighters; and Babs reconnaissance aircraft. Note this volume excludes floatplanes and Zeros, which are covered separately in Volumes Five and Eight of this series.

Past markings errors are corrected, and many profiles are presented for the first time, alongside explanations of markings derivations, including the provenance of unit codes. Until now there has been a paucity of markings material about these units, especially the more esoteric ones such Nos. 31, 151, 501 and 552 Ku, and the night fighters of No. 251 Ku. Profiles are supported by photos and/or documentation, along with brief histories of each aircraft where known. Primary reference material is exclusively cited including assignment data, unit operational records, photography, diaries, factory markings, Allied intelligence wreck reports, POW interrogation reports, and Combined Fleet markings orders. A brief history of each unit and its leadership structure accompanies the text.

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