Soviets in Berlin


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This modeling book contains dioramas and vehicles exquisitely crafted to tell the story of the fall of Berlin.

A multitude of references and stories behind the works inspire each of the authors to tell a story with each piece.

Not only is the planning, painting and construction process explained step by step, but also the keys to obtaining an excellent level of aging with different effects: mud, splashes, drips, chipping, dust, dirt, etc.

In January 1945 the Krásnaya Ármiya or Red Army, after three and a half years of fierce fighting without quarter, launched a series of strategic operations that took it to the heart of the Third Reich.

Its inexorable advance towards Berlin culminated in April 1945.

There he fought his last great battle on the European continent, winning a crushing victory over the German forces.

The massive use of artillery and armor in ground operations was one of the keys to this triumph.

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