The Flying Colours of Richard J Caruana Bookazine Collection 2



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Black / White photographs, Colour Profiles, Line Drawings


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Working on this series has become a trip down memory lane, reviewing my own work from five, ten and even as far back as twenty years ago or more. It has also been necessary at times to revamp such work as new and more detailed information has become available since it was created. This gives added value to what is presented here as it is definitely not a cut-and paste job, even though that is what it originally was intended to be. This second volume follows closely the pattern laid out in the first: subjects from World War One, Inter-Wars, World War Two and the post war jet era. The choice fell on popular subjects, and some not as well known. A case in point is the Morane N monoplane which however offers some unusual markings. More flamboyant are the Nieuports of the American Expeditionary Corps, 1st Pursuit Group, made legendary by that top American ace, 1st Lt Edward V. Rickenbacker of 94th Aero Squadron. Two unusual features included in this issue cover the DeHavilland DH.88s and their participation in the MacRobertson Centenary Air Race from Mildenhall to Melbourne of 1934. The Hart is another inter-war subject, an aircraft that sired Hawker’s ‘silver wings’ family of the 1930s. ‘Anti-Camouflage’ is dedicated to Switzerland’s use of the Messerschmitt Bf.109D-Es as guardians of its neutrality. The Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien is our World War Two feature followed by a close look at the early versions of the Hawker Siddeley Harrier. The diminutive AMX is illustrated in its several styles of colours and markings, in both Italian and Brazilian air forces’ service.

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