The Weathering Aircraft 24.Messerschmitt Bf109



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The 24st issue of The Weathering Aircraft is available now! This time focused in which is probably the most iconic aircraft in aviation history, the Messerschmitt Bf 109.

Designed by Willy Messerschmitt, it became the Luftwaffe’s primary fighter during World War II. From its first flight in 1935, the Bf 109 demonstrated its aerial superiority, participating in numerous battles and being used by famous aces such as Erich Hartmann or Hans-Joachim Marseille, among others. Renowned for its sleek design and outstanding combat performance, our protagonist offers aviation enthusiasts a wide variety of options and challenges.

One of the highlights when building a model of the Bf 109 is the ability to choose from the wide array of variants and paint schemes used during the war. From the first versions to the latest models, each with unique features and details, these planes allow the modeller to practice a huge variety of techniques. In this issue, you are shown everything required to represent most versions, with different camouflages and in different scales. We have tried to show the most basic products with which you can obtain the best results, such as acrylics, Oilbrushers, Streaking Brushers, PLW, washes, etc. In this way, everyone will be able to choose what best suits their personal preferences. For this, as always, we have the help of some of the best aircraft modellers in the world to guide us step by step through the processes.

In short, this aviation icon continues to offer aficionados an exciting opportunity to explore aviation history and their own skills, captivating generations of modellers around the world.

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