Aeronautica Macchi Fighters Mc. 200 Saetta – Mc. 202 Folgore – Mc. 205 Veltro

Luigino Caliaro



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In this thoroughly researched, detailed and exhaustive study, aviation historian Luigino Caliaro tells the story of the three main fighters to serve in World War II produced by the Varese-based Aeronautica Macchi. The C.200 Saetta (Lightning) was conceived in 1935 by Ing. Mario Castoldi as a short-range interceptor powered by a Fiat A.74 R.C.38 14-cylinder radial engine and armed with twin 12.7 mm machine guns. By war’s end some 1,150 examples had been built. The C.202 Folgore (Thunderbolt) incorporated the German Daimler-Benz 601A in-line engine licensed-built by Alfa Romeo.

Finally, the C.205 Veltro (Greyhound) was powered by the more powerful Daimler-Benz DB 605. The internationally renowned British test pilot, Captain Eric Brown, told the author that the C.205 was ‘was a superb fighter, with a beautiful line and good armament… In my opinion its flying performance was totally comparable with the Spitfire.’

Drawing on company and military archive reports, the author traces the origins of Aeronautica Macchi before examining the design and development of each type, as well as, in each case, production, prototypes and technical aspects. Also covered in this profusely illustrated volume are details of the operational variants and project designs, along with a detailed narrative covering the history of each aircraft in service with the Regia Aeronautica, the Aviazione Nazionale Repubblicana, the Luftwaffe and Croatian Air Legion. Additionally, post-war service with the Aeronautica Militare and the Royal Egyptian Air Force is explored, as well as camouflage, markings, heraldry and insignia.

With hundreds of photographs, drawings and colour artwork, this book forms the most comprehensive and informative account of this trio of aircraft in the English language.

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