AK Learning Wargames 1. Starship Techniques



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The way wargame painters approach their projects is different from other fields, such as model making.

The difference lies in the balance between time and quality, as it is common to have to paint a large number of miniatures.

Some figures, such as characters or vehicles, receive special care and work, as they are unique pieces in the armies and many painters strive to make them stand out from the rest of the figures.

However, when a traditional wargame painter decides to improve his skills and reach the tabletop profile, he faces several recurring challenges.

These include assimilating a lot of techniques, learning to use new products and tools, paying more attention to detail, among others.

This path, while rewarding in terms of results, also requires effort and sacrifice.

This collection consists of several volumes for wargaming enthusiasts, both for those who want to make the leap to the tabletop profile, as well as those who are looking to further improve their painting and, occasionally, to make showpieces.

Each book focuses on a specific theme, from vehicles to characters, and provides the reader with a wide range of knowledge and techniques to help hone their skills.

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