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The Boeing 737 was developed following the success of the 707 and 727, offering airlines an alternative to the larger models – ideal for shorter routes with fewer passengers. It undertook its maiden flight in 1967 and began flying commercially for Lufthansa as the 737-100. A significant order from United Airlines saw the slightly larger 737-200 built, which would soon become the standard size model. Despite slow sales initially, these early models would eventually prove to be an enormous success, and herald the beginnings of a family of airliners that are still in production today as the 737 MAX. By the time the final 737-200 was delivered in 1988, over 1,000 examples had been built for customers around the world. These included military variants and those capable of carrying cargo. Today, a small number remain in service, providing a useful role in serving Canada’s remote communities and in developing countries. With over 150 images, this book looks at the history of the Boeing 737-100 and -200 and the many airlines and operators around the world that have flown them.

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