Bundeswehr Modern German Army in Scale


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This book is entirely dedicated to Bundeswehr models and we will be able to discover different techniques to achieve hyper-realistic finishes throughout the book.

The German army has always been an icon for modelers around the world. Of course, WWII models have a huge following and have been the darling of the industry for decades, partly because the major Asian brands have covered almost all the vehicles that operated during WWII and due to the abundance of existing historical documentation for modelers.

Bundeswehr vehicles have been less popular with modelers and some variants could only be made from resin kits or by complex conversions.

Everything evolves, and in recent years (since the late 1990s) the biggest brands have devoted more and more resources to the development of scale models of various operational Bundeswehr vehicles.

The interest of fans in modern tanks has also fueled this model variant, which now occupies an increasingly important place.

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