Civil Aircraft Registers of the British Isles 2020


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Widely acknowledged as the most comprehensive register available, the book lists all current United Kingdom, Ireland, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey allocations, as well as overseas-registered aircraft based in these countries, aircraft that both joined and left the registers since the last edition appeared, and non-current aircraft still extant, under restoration, in storage or used for training purposes.

Each entry includes the registration, accurate type, construction number, original registration date, all previous identities, the registered owner(s) and the probable base. Extra notes include dates for Certificate of Airworthiness expiration, the dates for declarations on non-flight and evidence of insurance, as well as notes on the constructor, any markings carried and the airframe’s status if it is not active. All sections have type indexes.

There is a separate section for the British Gliding Association register with handy cross-references to competition codes carried by gliders.

The full register of aircraft that come under the aegis of Aviation Heritage UK (formerly the British Aircraft Preservation Council) is included. Other sections include civil-registered aircraft held by museums and collections in the UK and abroad, a decode table for aircraft flying with military serials, and lists of overseas registration and B-Conditions prefixes.
A handy tab system along the side of the page enables easy navigation.

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