Combat Aircraft 152. U-2 Dragon Lady Units 1955-90

Peter E Davies


Osprey Publishing

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21 colour artwork plates and maps; more than 50 black and white and colour photographs and illustrations.


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An illustrated account of the early service of the Lockheed U-2, one of the most important and longest-serving intelligence gathering platforms fielded by the US air force.

The U-2 is one of the most recognizable aircraft of the Cold War; nicknamed the ‘Dragon Lady’ after the codename given to it by the CIA, this powered glider was designed and operated in great secrecy, providing US authorities with photographic and electronic information from areas of interest across the globe. This illuminating new volume dives deep into the U-2’s most critical missions, exploring its role in the Cuban Missile Crisis, nuclear reconnaissance in the Soviet Union, and intelligence missions in China and North Vietnam.

Using previously unpublished research, aviation expert Peter E. Davies examines the operations of one of the landmark aircraft of the 20th century from a fresh and engaging perspective, enhanced by more than 50 photos and 21 newly commissioned profile artworks.

Table of Contents
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1. Bald Eagle and Aquatone
2. Soviet Overflights
3. Global Reach
4. SAM Response
5. ‘Black Cats’
6. Vietnam Operations
7. New Variants
8. Battlefield Reconnaissance

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