Combat Colours 5 .The de Havilland Mosquito in RAF Photo Reconnaissance and Bomber Service



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Combat Colours no 5 The de Havilland Mosquito
Combat Colours no 5 The de Havilland Mosquito in RAF Photographic Reconnaissance and Bomber service 1941 to 1945
By Paul Lucas Series Editor Neil Robinson
The de Havilland Mosquito was one of the world’s first true multi-role combat aircraft, which could undertake a number of different roles with a high degree of success. During the Second World War, it was used by the RAF as a Photographic Reconnaissance aircraft, Bomber, Night Fighter, Interdictor, Fighter- Bomber, High Altitude Fighter and Anti-Shipping Strike aircraft – and this only covers the broad role classifications, let alone the more specialised sub-divisions of these roles. This book examines the camouflage, and to a lesser degree the markings, of RAF Mosquitoes operating in just two of these roles – Photo Reconnaissance and Day andNight Bomber.
It draws on primary sources held by such institutions as the as the Public Record Office and the RAF Museum amongst others, which take the form of Air Publications, Air Diagrams, Air Ministry Orders; DTD Specifications; files once held by the Air Ministry, Ministry of Aircraft Production, Ministry of Supply, Royal Aircraft Establishment, Operational RAF Commands and Works Drawings, as well as a number of private individuals. The result is not intended to be the final word on the subject, but aims instead to provide the aircraft enthusiast and modeller with a basic guide to what camouflage schemes and markings were carried by the Mosquito and why; and to provide a
basis from which further research may be carried out. The nomenclature used in this book is that of the documents
consulted. Thus types of roundel are referred to by the correct terms used in Air Publication 2656A and other
documents, and not the Bruce Robertson notation familiar to most modellers. Proper colour names as
given in various documents are begun with capital letters eg ‘Ocean Grey’, whilst colloquial names and references to a non-specific colour, eg ‘orange’, are in small type throughout.

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