Dogfight 12. Bf 109E Battle of Britain

Andy Saunders


Osprey Publishing

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Colour artwork plates and maps; black & white and colour photographs and illustrations.


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An illustrated account of the Bf 109E’s evolving role during the fateful first stages of the Battle of Britain.

The Luftwaffe’s famous Bf 109 Emil saw considerable combat across the first stages of World War 2, but it was 1940’s Battle of Britain that truly put it to the test. During the early operations of that clash, in July and August 1940, German pilots had to reckon not only with the RAF but with another enemy – the English Channel itself. This evocative new study explores how the Channel’s breadth and the short range of Emil combined to force the Luftwaffe’s fighter units to evolve their tactics in pursuit of victory.

Respected military aviation expert Andy Saunders brings the cockpit of the Bf 109E to life in a volume that draws upon first-hand accounts to tell the story of this landmark battle’s fascinating beginnings. Bringing further context to this analysis, archive photos, newly commissioned artworks, and tactical and ribbon diagrams demonstrate how strategy and procedure developed over the course of combat.

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