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When de Havilland conceived the DH.125 as a replacement for its successful Dove and Heron, it could not have expected that more than 1,700 would be built over a period of more than 50 years. The 125 family would be built by several organisations and go through several upgrades during its life including a fuselage stretch for the Series 1000. It has borne various names during its service life but it quickly became known as the ‘Hawker’ by its hundreds of enthusiastic operators.

While it was one of the earliest types designed specifically as a business jet, it was built to serve a wide range of customers including military air arms with the RAF operating Dominies from 1965 to 2011 and special missions variants delivered to Japan and other countries. The largest corporate and private market was the USA and it was almost inevitable that, in 1993, the Hawker would be sold to Raytheon. Production was gradually moved to Wichita, Kansas where Raytheon (and later Hawker Beechcraft) continued to build the Series 800 and then the 750 and 900XP until the line was closed in June 2012.

Every aircraft has an interesting history, from the day it left the production line to the end of its service. Passing through the hands of several owners and spending many hours in the air, Hawkers have served many companies, individuals and military forces. Each aircraft is recorded in the production histories volume with details of dates and registration changes, along with the mishaps and, finally, the end of life in a scrapyard. This is the authoritative source for every detail of an outstanding business jet.

This is a two-volume set: Volume 1 contains a lavishly illustrated narrative history of the type while Volume 2 contains detailed production histories. The two volumes are not available separately.

Volume 1: Hardback, 160 pages, colour
Volume 2: Softback, 144 pages, black and white

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