Imperial Armour. Modelling AFV’s of the Japanese Army 1939-2020

David Grummitt



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By David Grummitt
Imperial Armour: Modelling AFVs of the Japanese Army 1939-2020
84 pages £20.00
Since the 1930s the armed forces of Japan have deployed a wide range of armoured fighting vehicles from diminutive tankettes to modern, state-of-the-art Main Battle Tanks. This new 84-page book from Guideline Publications and the team that bring you Military Modelcraft International presents a series of step-by-step guides and reference articles on Japanese AFVs from 1939 to the present day. Using kits from Dragon, Finemolds and Tamiya, some of the best modellers from the MMI stable go through construction, detailing, and painting and weathering, while in-depth reference articles look at Japanese armour in World War II and today. As well as collecting and reimagining some of the best features on the topic from MMI over the past decade and more, the book has new content that will both inspire and inform anyone wanting to tackle their own Japanese armour project.

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