Let’s Go Railway Modelling DUE 31.08.20



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With the new Channel 5 TV show The Great Model Railway Challenge, generating a huge boost to the popularity of railway modelling, this book provided a comprehensive introductory guide for all those interested in getting involved with this fascinating and creative hobby.
The book shows places around the home where layouts can be housed and leads newcomers through the minefield of what size trains are best suited to individual circumstances and how to find a way through vast choice of equipment available today, including an overview of analogue and digital control systems.
Also key to getting the most from the hobby is where to find information, ideas and inspiration on railway modelling projects, as well as real railways. In particular how heritage railways across the length and breadth of the UK can an incredible source of inspiration and ideas.
The final part of the book contains a selection of over 25 layouts built in the most popular scales and sizes, N, OO, and O gauge, by well-known modellers. All the featured layouts can easily be replicated at home and are complete with a full colour scale track plans.


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