The Book of the SOUTHERN MOGULS Part One


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The Book of the SOUTHERN MOGULS Part One
IAN SIXSMITH, Richard Derry

Briefly at the first rank of Southern locomotive working and for many decades its solid and stalwart mixed traffic backbone, the Southern Moguls were numerous and widespread, from Kent to Cornwall and remained in service almost to the last year of steam on the Southern Region of BR. There were four separate classes, the two cylinder N and U and the three cylinder N1 and U1. The first part covers the N and N1 and employing the usual ‘Book Of’ format, the lengthy works history of each one is fully covered with photographs of every loco in all their complex variations. Part Two, U and U1 Classes, follows soon.

Part One N and N1 Classes


31810-31821, 31823-31875

31822, 31876-31880


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