Lost Voices of the London Tram



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Lost Voices of the London Tram
Although much has been written about London’s trams over the past 50 years, on the trams themselves, the routes and the overall tramway network, there has been relatively little published on what it was actually like to use and work the trams on a daily basis. Michael Baker grew up in London during the final years of the London tramway system and much of the travelling undertaken during his formative years was on board the surviving network, for him the most normal and favoured form of transport available. This book reveals his abiding love for the trams that were so much a part of his life growing up, until in 1951, when he was still in his teens, the trams were taken away. Based upon his own personal memories of using the trams, this book is also based largely on personal testimony from those who worked on the system over its final years of operation and those who travelled on it daily. The result is a highly entertaining portrait of one of the country’s greatest transport networks and is illustrated with a lovely selection of evocative photographs to stir many happy memories.


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