SOUTHERN NOUVEAU – And the Lineside


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SOUTHERN NOUVEAU – And the Lineside
Edited by George Reeve and Leslie Tibble

The Southern Railway inherited all the myriad buildings and structures and a glorious gallimaufry of lineside objects from its three large and very different constituents. Little of it was modern and much of it was rooted in the preceding century.

It was a vast collection of buildings, everything in style from Italianate to Mock Tudor and Gothic Revival as well as examples of anything else dreamed up along the way. Huts, signalboxes, stations in corrugated iron, brick or wood and sometimes all three, abounded across the system from Kent to Cornwall.

A Fresh Wind then blew through the Southern. All new work and replacements, from signalboxes to fencing, would be done using standard components produced by the company; much of the raw material even came from its own quarry. What these products had in common was the new dynamic medium of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete.

Concrete items, from entire huts and footbridges, to humble posts in every conceivable size and configuration, poured out of the special concrete works at Exmouth Junction and slowly the ‘look’ of the Southern began to change. And that was before the celebrated Southern Art Deco buildings began to appear.

This a comprehensive record and account of those years, of developments which rippled out across the wider BR network until even the 1970s. It uses a huge range of photographs and drawings, allied to detailed description, of almost every facet of the Southern as evolved during its lifetime and beyond into BR days. There is simply no other single source in which almost the entire spectrum of ‘The Lineside’ of one major railway company/Region can be found. SIGNALLING is different – something for another day!








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