Luftwaffe im Focus 28



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Black / White and Colour photographs


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50 pages, 54 photos – thereof 4 in colour, 4 colour profiles, 2 coloured emblems, 3 coloured maps, reader’s forum

• Bombers: A Second Helping of the Special Weapons on the Ju 88s of KG 51

• Unknown Emblems: The Ominous “Schleppgruppe 4”

• Background: The Luftwaffe’s X-Ray Stuka

The Luftwaffe Aviation Medicine Service’s Investigations during Diving Flight

• Fates: Missing During an Ice Reconnaissance

Mission over the Gulf of Finland The fate of a crew from Wekusta 1

• Aircraft in Focus: Hptm. Hans von Hahn and his “Friedrich” with the Ring Camouflage

An unusual camouflage scheme on the aircraft of the Kommandeur of I./JG 3

• Unusual: When It Comes to Camouflage, Anything Goes!

• Photos with a Story: New Photos of the Ju 388

• Color Photos: A Different General der Flieger Ritter von Greim

• Tails: Fw. Karl Gratz, 8./JG 52 and 11./JG 2

• Personal Emblems: The Much-Photographed Do 17 “Madrid”

• Allied Fates Victim of the Raid on Berlin on April 29, 1944

• Scenery: An Aircraft in the Middle of Town!

As well as photos of Do 217 of KG 40, Bf 109, Bf 110 nightfighter and seaplanes and photos to more topics …..

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