Luftwaffe Im Focus Special 3 Bf109 im Einsatz



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Black / White and Colour photographs, colour profiles


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Surely more has been written about the Bf 109 than any other aircraft used by the Luftwaffe, consequently it has become difficult to discover new photographs and unusual emblems. For this special edition we have assembled from our archive and the collections of our contributors a selec- tion of outstanding photographs, the maj- ority of which have never been published before.

It will be divided into chapters by Jagdge- schwader, with unusual Bf 109s represen- ting almost every unit. Unusual camouflage schemes and markings will be depicted in black-and-white as well as colour photo- graphs. A large number of colour side- views will complete the special, which will contain more pages than a regular edition.

ca. 60 pages, ca. 66 photos – including 6 colourphotos in large scale, 6 coloured sideviews

• Lt. Buddenhagen’s “Schluck=Specht 3”, II./JG 3

• “White 10” – Ofw. Alfred Grislawski’s Milestone Aircraft, III./JG 52

• An Early “Christel” of Oblt. Gerhard Barkhorn, II./JG 52

• “Edith” of 2.(H)/14 in Tunisia

• An “Emil” of II./JG 27 in the Close-Support Role in Russia

• Escape from Prague – “Blue 2” of JG 300 (8. Mai 1845)

• Uffz. Peter Bremer’s “Hermännchen”, I./ JG 54

• Gollobs Kommodore Aircraft with JG 77 in Color (Tail with 100 kills)

• Photos of II./JG 5 in the Leningrad area (Carganico and Weißenberger)

• III./JG 11 defending the Reich 1943

• Colorphfotos from aircraft of JG 26, 27, 54 und 77

• as well as articles and photos to more topics…

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