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Tanker 2 Extra Armor
Issue 02 sets the bar higher than the first issue! With 104 pages dedicated to more amazing armor, with reference sections, specialized techniques, product map, and our section school of techniques. Each quarterly issue of Tanker has a dedicated theme; focusing on amazingly realistic paint schemes and finishes, and showing you how to accomplish them. We have the very best of modelers from around the world, showing you how to master the latest techniques; additionally, original techniques that have not only brought us to where we are today, but techniques that have stood the test of time are demonstrated.
Content :
_ Extra Armor article
_ Battlefield Taxi BMP-2.
_ Uparmored Krupp Protze.
_ Lebanese M-113 Field Modification.
_ Zombie Slayers
_ Apocalyptic Vehicles.
_ Buik Max.
_ Marder on Steroids
_ Tracks as Extra Armor
_ Painting Impacts
_ Sandbags with magic Sculp
_ School Of Techniques.
_ Tips and Tricks.
_ Map of Products for Rust Techniques.
_ Gallery of Armour.
_ Interview at the work Bench. David Parker.

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