Tankograd 5093.Fahrzeuge der Panzertruppe Heute ( German Armour Corps Vehicles- Today )



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Tankograd 5093






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Due to its firepower, mobility, thrust, protection, assertiveness and command capability, the Panzertruppe (German Armour Corps) is particularly well suited for decisive combat. Its structure and equipment enables it to conduct long-range attacks, or fast and powerful attacks with a closer target. In addition, the Panzertruppe serves to conduct and support national and alliance defence measures, as well as international conflict prevention and crisis management. The main task of main battle tanks of the Panzertruppe is to fight against enemy tank formations in open terrain.
Today, as in the early days of the Bundeswehr, the Panzertruppe is the backbone of mechanised forces of the Bundeswehr. Its main weapon system today is the Leopard 2 main battle tank and it also fields an impressive range of wheeled and tracked support vehicles. This publication offers, for the first time ever, a comprehensive visual overview on the various state-of-the-art vehicles used by the Panzertruppe today, from motorcycle to main battle tank, illustrates the organisation of a German armour battalion and tells the story of the Bundeswehr’s armour battalions active today.

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Illustrated throughout with 142 colour photographs and 15 graphics
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