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This can be both daunting and exciting at the same time. With the PPL Companion, your journey need not be alone.

The Private Pilot s Licence (PPL) usually takes a minimum of 45 hours of training. With The PPL Companion, you have a guide to help you along the way to help you progress.

As your training advances, so do the chapters of this book, which mirror your progress and offer helpful insight into the actions and decisions you will make as a trainee pilot. Unlike other books on the market, this is less about the author s personal journey and more about the research, actions and decisions one should make as they progress through their flight training, covering why one would learn to fly; how to find a club; what to expect on their first lesson; and other non-technical titbits to prepare for their journey. Further chapters look at dealing with the social side of flying, financial aspects and anxieties of flight training as well as other often overlooked variables such as widening networks, visiting the control tower and taking a look under the engine cowling for greater understanding and so on.

Written in an informal style, The PPL Companion is an easy and relaxed sounding board for anyone considering flight training or already undertaking lessons.

This book is particularly pertinent to the EASA PPL syllabus, so would apply to both the UK and European private and sport pilot market.

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