WWII US Army in Europe and the Pacific



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In this book we can admire the great work done by Javier Redondo in which, through detailed step-by-step processes, he shows us everything from a simple US Olive Drab camouflage to the most interesting tritonal camouflages. Thanks to the work carried out on the different vehicles, subjected to very different inclement weather, the book shows a wide variety of options both in painting and in aging techniques.

To accompany the work carried out by the author, throughout the book you can see different outstanding processes, extensive visual information, both on the colors and the techniques used. In addition, at the end of each article a color chart has been introduced both in tab format and visually through color chips.

The book includes a profile section for all those who want to see more options on the paint schemes and camouflages used in these theaters of operations, as well as a gallery of other works by the author.

The book is a very complete and interesting guide, not only for lovers of World War II US Army vehicles, but also for any modeler who wants to learn how to do both aging effects with acrylics, as well as those produced by environment in which these vehicles had to fight.

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