Armor in the Storm.Israeli Military Operations 2000-2005

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This is the inaugural volume of our reference book on the Israeli Defense Forces, focusing on the period from 2000 to 2005. This volume includes images from the IDF’s military operations in Gaza and Israel. The book showcases a collection of compelling photographs, making it an ideal visual reference for modelers and military enthusiasts alike.
4.- Merkava

Fotographs of Merkava Siman 4, Siman 3D, Siman 3 Baz, Siman 2D, Siman 2C, Siman 2B.

28.- Magach

Fotographs of Magach 7C, Magach 7A, Magach 6B Gal Batash, Magach 6B Gal

44.- Nagmachon

48.- Puma

49.- Achzarit

52.- M113

Fotographs of M113 “Bardelas”, Zelda, Kasman, Kasman Maoz Meshupar, Machbet, and Macha’’g.

63.- M109 Doher

66.- Doobi

Fotographs of Caaterpillar D9L, D9N and D9R

70.- Patriot

71.- Jeeps

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