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Detailing the histories of each and every Auster built, Auster – Production Histories is the companion volume to Auster – The Company and the Aircraft published in 2018 which told the story of Auster and the many derivatives produced over twenty-plus years.

A substantial number of Austers remain active around the world and there are equally many stored airframes which enthusiasts are gradually putting back together again. It may come as a surprise to see, for example, just how many Austers are active in Australia and the number of projects throughout Europe and North America. Auster – Production Histories documents what is known about every Auster still active, currently ‘resting’ or long since scrapped. Perhaps one of the consequences of doing so may be to incentivise those with an engineering bias to get more back into the air. Anyone reading this who has an interest in the type might also like to join The International Auster Club with its very active website, magazine and events.

This book is the only source, published or digital, which provides the detailed histories of every Auster built. There are some 550 photos, the vast majority of which have never before been published. Air-Britain is committed to continue to record detailed aircraft histories and we therefore welcome any future additions.

A4, hardback, 256 pages, 550 photos

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