DUE 132 Valentine Infantry Tank vs Panzer III



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Colour illustrations throughout, including profiles, technical drawings, battlescene artworks, maps and photographs.


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A unique comparison between the two most numerous British and German tank types from 1941 to 1943.

Although much has been written about the Panzer III, little attention has been given to the equally prominent Valentine tank. This work compares the respective strengths and weaknesses of these iconic tanks, which frequently went head-to-head in brutal battles across Europe, Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia. It documents the upgrades made to each AFV type over three years, as up-gunned and up-armoured variants – ever more lethal, ever more survivable – arrived in North Africa.

Dr Bruce Newsome explores the two tanks’ encounters, from the first Valentine vs Panzer III clashes in 1941, to the Axis drive into Egypt, and on to the Tunisian fighting of 1942–1943. Colour artworks include profile, weaponry and gunsight, and battlescene views of both tanks, while maps chart the campaigns in which they met. Each AVF’s performance is also covered, along with their technical details, design evolution, and crew histories.


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