Luftwaffe Im Focus 30



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Black / White and colour photographs and colour profiles


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50 pages, 60 photos – tehreof 7 in colour, 1 colour profil, 1 coloured emblem, 3 coloured document, 5 coloured maps, reader’s forum

Fighters: Look What Turned Up – Colour Photos of the Aircraft of Hptm. Bär, Kommandeur

of I./JG 77

Photos with a story: Kurierstaffel (trop) Afrika – The Unit with Many Names

Scenery: Three Days Confined to Barracks for a “Flying Obscenity”

Awards: The Honour Goblet for Distinguished Achievement in the Air War

Reconnaissance Aircraft: Hit by Flak in the Area North of Rzhev!

Fortunate return by a 4.(F)/14 crew in January 1942

Documents: The Arab Identity Card of the German Africa Corps

Heavy Fighters: Me 410 Production at Messerschmitt in Augsburg

Color Photos: The Red Devil That Suddenly Disappeared (1./KG 76)

Photos with a story: Hit by Flak – Return Flight with No Rudder!

Happy Ending to a Dramatic Mission by Nahaufklärungsgruppe 4

Tails: Einsatzbilanz einer Do 217 des KG 40

Heavy Fighters: Derna – Base of Operations for the 9. Staffel of ZG 26 in North Africa

Unusual: A Rare Boundary Stone as a Victory Marker (I./ZG 52)

Seaplanes: Seenotstaffel 8 in the Black Sea

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