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Tankograd 1008.Feldluftschiffer
The German Balloon Corps and Aerial Reconaissance
When thinking about the battles fought in the trenches of the Great War, what comes to mind is first and foremost infantry, supported by tanks, artillery and airplanes. Yet another major arm of service also played a vital role that up to present day remained hidden behind the better-known services: the Feldluftschiffertruppe.
The Feldluftschiffer, or Feldluftschiffertruppe (balloon corps) provided extensive and often decisive reconnaissance of enemy troop movements and artillery positions, and guided the German forces’ own artillery fire and infantry attacks.
The balloon corps itself was a weapon of the 19th century that was to play its most important role in the war of 1914-18. Never before and never after would it reach such fame. Without the balloon corps and other means of aerial reconnaissance the Imperial German Army would have been blind.
Describing the balloon types and tactics in hitherto unknown detail, this publication also shows the ground equipment and soldiers of the Feldluftschiffertruppe in photographs, almost all of which are seen here for the very first time.
This is the most comprehensive documentation published on a crucial asset of the Imperial German Army that undeservedly had been neglected for too long.
On 96 pages this publication is illustrated with 176 black&white photographs.

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