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30 black and white photographs, 84 colour photographs and 10 graphics


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REFORGER 78 Saxon Drive / Certain Shield
US Army and Allied Armies train to counter a Conventional Attack from the East
During REFORGER 78 forces from the USA were mainly deployed in the autumn manoeuvres Saxon Drive and Certain Shield in West Germany.
During the corps training exercise Saxon Drive of the Dutch I (NL) Corps, units of the 1st Brigade, 4th (US) Infantry Division were operationally subordinated to the 4th (NL) Division. The 3rd Brigade, 2nd (US) Armored Division (Forward) fought on the side of Blue Force.
The corps training exercise Certain Shield 78 was the largest exercise of NATO land forces of that year. One of the most important objectives was to familiarise REFORGER troops, brought in from the USA, with the local conditions and the tactical situation. The exercise force had a total strength of 55,780 soldiers, and it fielded some 6,370 wheeled vehicles and 2,800 tracked vehicles as well as 562 helicopters and 24 aircraft.
Serving as an eyewitness to an era long gone this publication shows the US military vehicles and those of the allied nations during the two REFORGER 78 exercises in exiting photographs and allows the reader to visualize the land warfare tactics at the heart of the Cold War.

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Illustrated with 30 black&white photographs, 84 colour photographs and 10 graphics
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