The A4 PACIFICS – Accompaniments Compendium


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The A4 PACIFICS – Accompaniments Compendium
Not the Three Tenors, but the Three Accompaniments. The Book of the A4 Pacifics is undergoing yet another reprint and as these things do the three A4 Photographic Accompaniments (published 2006) after a long run, contrived to go out of print, a happy/unhappy event spurred on by the interest from the ‘Great Gathering’ of the A4s at York this year.

They are thus still in demand and with more A4 ‘Gatherings’ scheduled later in the year, the three books have been ‘gathered ‘ in the own right, into

The Book of the A4 Pacifics Accompaniments Compendium, 176 pages at a cost-busting £19.95. Opportunity has been taken to incorporate some minor corrections and additions along with some new photographs.


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