The Blue Max Airmen Volume 21



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158 photographs and 13 color profiles


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The Blue Max Airmen series is the real story of the German airmen awarded the Pour le Mérite during the Great War. Author Lance J. Bronnenkant, PhD., and Aeronaut Books are pleased to bring you the most detailed and graphically lavish account of these heroes ever produced, covering the men in context with the war’s chronology of events. For each recipient a comprehensive, well-illustrated biography of the man is given, together with photos of the aircraft he flew, followed by details of his service, including other awards won. Color profiles of the aircraft are also provided for interest to enthusiasts and as references for modelers.
Volume 21 covers fighter aces Franz Walz, Josef Veltjens, and Carl Bolle. Volume 21 includes 158 photographs and 13 color profiles of aircraft flown by these men in its 135 pages.

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