Unfinished War. A journey through Civil War in Yemen

Asmaa Waguih



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Over the last decade Yemen has been the scene of warfare involving the employment of advanced air delivered weapons of Western origin by Saudi Arabia, of insurgent warfare conducted by al-Qaeda, of improvised ‘technicals’, and of ballistic missiles. As a result of this ongoing conflict, Yemen has become the scene of what the United Nations have described as one of the worst ongoing humanitarian disasters of modern times and in which tens of thousands of people have died and millions have been displaced.

At the time of writing Yemen has again attracted international attention as tensions in the Red Sea grow following Houthi attacks on international shipping and the consequent responses of the USA and Great Britain.

In Unfinished War: A Journey through Yemen’s Civil War, Egyptian photojournalist Asmaa Waguih takes us on a remarkable visual tour of Yemen, once thought of as a beautiful and mysterious land that was the realm of the Queen of Sheba, with over 150 full color photographs contrasting scenes of everyday life for the people of this nation with the effects of an ongoing conflict between rival Yemeni factions, regional powers and their proxies.

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