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Groups into Axis-occupied Greece. Operational Groups (OGs) were teams of uniformed American soldiers sent behind enemy lines to carry out sabotage actions in co-operation with the armed resistance of the country in which they were deployed. The story is as told by the late Robert E. Perdue, Jr. Donington Military Vehicle Depot — The history of Donington Park race track is described in a new book by John Bailie, titled ‘Donington Park: The Pioneers’. The Hall at Donington was used as a prisoner of war camp during the First World War and in 1940 the track was requisitioned by the government and for the next 16 years became an Army storage depot for military vehicles. A fascinating story told from this wonderful book. From the Editor — A round-up and update on previous stories from After the Battle. Executions at Hameln Prison — Bernhard Gelderblom tells us how the prison in the German town of Hameln served as a normal jail for most of its existence. However, during the Nazi era, like most other jails in Germany, it saw its customary population of inmates replaced by different categories of captives. After the war, the prison gained an exceptional position when it became the only site in the British Zone of Occupation where German war criminals sentenced to death by British tribunals were hanged.

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