Avro Vulcan B.Mk2 APlace in History 1960 – 84


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In 1955, the Vulcan B.Mk2 was proposed and a new wing modification was designed to take advantage of the more powerful Olympus engines and a new stand-off missile known as Blue Steel. The new wing was known as the Phase 2C development. Avro were given a contract for an aerodynamic prototype on 10 July 1956, with the first prototype VX777 making its first flight with the new wing on 31 August 1957. This led to a number of significant changes to the B.Mk2 electrical systems, flying controls and structure. The Avro Vulcan was originally designed as a high-altitude medium bomber, but the operating requirement changed when it was required to fly at a low level. Thanks to the Vulcan’s inherently low aspect wing and structure, it proved more suitable to this role than the high aspect wings of the Vickers Valliant and Handley Page Victor. This fully illustrated volume looks at the development and history of the Vulcan B Mk2.

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