MAA 555. The Union Army 1861-65 Part 2

Ron Field



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8 colour artwork plates, black & white photographs and illustrations.


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This book describes and illustrates the uniforms and personal equipment of the troops fielded by the Eastern and New England states that fought for the Union during the American Civil War.

During 1861–65, the United States Army, pitted against the forces of the fledgling Confederacy, fought to defend the Union during five long years of bitter conflict. This volume, the second in a three-part study, chronicles the clothing, insignia and gear worn by the soldiers fielded by 12 of the states that fought to preserve the Union.

While uniforms conforming to standard Union Army patterns were widely issued to these troops, some wore distinctive items of dress or insignia, and a wide variety of weapons were carried. Ron Field, an acknowledged authority on US military apparel, reveals how the Eastern and New England states clothed and equipped their regiments during the Civil War. Eight plates of original artwork showing officers and enlisted men of the Union Army are complemented by photographs of soldiers and items of uniform from a variety of sources.

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