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All 104 photographs in the book have been reworked from original scans or rescanned completely


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Panzer Tracts No.10-1: Sf Artillerie was originally published in 2012. This 2023 edition has been totally reworked and revised in partnership with Hilary Doyle.

This book is the go-to source for information on WW2 German self-propelled artillery vehicles. As is their standard, the authors only used primary source references when creating this work. The complete developmental history is described for six vehicles, including modifications during production and issues to the troops in the field. This new 2023 version has a long list of improvements, including eight more pages, 13 more photographs (some never before seen) and rewritten captions.

All 104 photographs in the book have been reworked from original scans or rescanned completely, resulting in a significant quality improvement.

High-quality and trustworthy 1:35 scale CAD drawings are a feature of the Panzer Tracts series. In Panzer Tracts 10-1, there are 10 pages of drawings. To produce these highly accurate as-built drawings within the tolerance allowed to the original assembly firms, no less than two surviving Artillerie Selbstfahrlafette were measured in detail. The experimental Artillerie Selbstfahrlafette Heuschrecke IVb and le.F.H.40 auf GW III/IV were also meticulously surveyed. While none of the limited series Gesch├╝tzwagen IVb are known to have survived, Panzer Tracts were fortunate to be allowed access to a detailed original blueprint.

Further insights have been achieved by surveying surviving components and studying original period blueprints to ensure the drawings are as complete as possible. Independent surveys of multiple examples of each of the Artillerie weapons mounted add to the accuracy of these Panzer Tracts drawings.

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