Panzer Tracts No. 13-2


Panzer Tracts

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Panzer Tracts 13-2






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Panzer Tracts No. 13-2 – Schwerer Panzerspaehwagen (Sd.Kfz.231, 232, & 233) and Panzerfunkwagen (263) development and production from 1935 to 1943

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Now for the first time the defining features of each sub variant (there were three different series of Sd.Kfz.231, five series of Sd.Kfz.232, two series of Sd.Kfz.233, and four series of Sd.Kfz.263) have been correctly identified and when significant modifications were introduced correctly sorted out. This has been made possible by over 40 years of research in private and public archives and chassis number analysis. Hundreds of hours were spent precisely measuring surviving s.Pz.Sp.Wg. and components to create new four-view 1/35 scale drawings. In accordance with our high standards, the text and data are based solely on primary sources. 37 scale drawings and 75 photos illustrate this 56 page book

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