Panzer Tracts No.22-5 Gepanzerter 8t Zugkraftwagen and Sfl.Flak (Sd.Kfz.7)


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Panzer Tracts No.22-5 Gepanzerter 8t Zugkraftwagen and Sfl.Flak (Sd.Kfz.7)
Firstly, this Panzer Tracts features astounding new facts about the history of the armoured 8t built together with the 8,8cm Flak 18 bunker buster �Bunkerknacker�. Secondly, until now the self-propelled guns on half-track �Sfl. auf m.Zgkw. 8t� have simply been identified by weapon: 2cm Flakvierling (Sd.Kfz.7/1) or 3,7cm Flak (Sd.Kfz.7/2) and perhaps by having an armoured cab. Now Panzer Tracts� research sets the record straight with descriptions of no less than 12 different Sfl.Flak variants. This allows the reader to see for the first time the evolution of these important self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. Also featured in this Panzer Tracts is the enlarged 8t Zgkw. (Sd.Kfz.7/6) created to carry the range finding equipment of a 8,8cm Flak Batterie, the Feuerleitpanzer, armoured control centre for launching the A4 (V2) rockets and the surprisingly widespread �Behelfspanzerung� that will be new to most enthusiasts. Fortunately, several Selbstfahrlafette auf m.Zgkw. 8t and all of the Flak guns required have survived to the present day in public, private and even closed collections. Several hundred hours were spent travelling and measuring each precisely and over one thousand hours were expended to create the world�s most accurate drawings. This 88 page Panzer Tracts is the ultimate and only accurate primary source reference on the gepanzerter Zugkraftwagen 8t (Sd.Kfz.7) and Flak Sfl. for both beginners and experts. There are 21 pages of 1:35 scale drawings grouped together to facilitate comparison and over 100 clear large-format photos most of which have never been published before.

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