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50 black and white photographs, 72 colour photographs and 8 graphics


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Fulda Gap
NATO’s Key Sector for the Defence of Central Europe during the Cold War
During the Cold War, the Fulda Gap, at the inner-German border, was one of the hottest points of potential contact between the military alliances of NATO and the Warsaw Pact. If it had actually come to a war, the East Hessian region would have become the gateway for Warsaw Pact troops to enter the metropolitan region of Frankfurt. Overrunning West Germany was scheduled to take only five to seven days, and within fifteen days the Warsaw Pact wanted to be on the French coast to prevent American and British main forces from landing there by sea.
This publication shows the planned defence of the Fulda Gap by the US Army exemplary with the exercises Caravan I 1972, REFORGER 81 Certain Encounter and REFORGER 83 Confident Enterprise. This is illustrated with a large number of hitherto unpublished photographs of the US vehicles that were ready for the defence against the aggressor from the east.

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Illustrated with 50 black and white photographs, 72 colour photographs and 8 graphics
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