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Illustrated throughout with 75 black and white photographs and 73 colour photographs


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Daimler-Benz Unimog Trucks in Swiss Army Service
Limited Edition 999 copies

As the first military customer and as one of the first export customers, the Swiss Army received its initial four Unimog U25-series trucks as early as 1950. After a longer period of testing, the Unimog S was procured from 1961 onwards. The Unimog S and “Dieseli”, which were purchased in large numbers, were primarily used as tactical vehicles with various superstructures and mission kits by different branches of the armed forces. After the “Dieseli” and Unimog S were taken out of service, various more modern Unimog types of different series were acquired for these tasks. These soldier on up till today for example as fire-fighting vehicles.
This publication shows the Unimog in service with the Swiss Army, where it has now been successfully operating for more than 70 years.

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Illustrated throughout with 75 black&white photographs and 73 colour photographs
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