Tankograd 9033. CVR(T) Scorpion-Scimitar-Sabre



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Tankograd 9033






Illustrated throughout with 122 colour photographs, 26 black and white photos and 10 graphics


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Development of vehicles of the CVR(T) family and their introduction into service with the British Army 50 years ago can be considered a revolution in the field of conducting armoured reconnaissance. Never before had the attributes of mobility, speed, protection and firepower been combined so perfectly in one type of vehicle. Being constantly upgraded, they are still capable of performing their tasks under the current military mission range, despite the fact that they have been in service for half a century already. In the coming decade the British military will successively replace the CVR(T)s. Despite this, the story of this vehicle family is far from over. Latvia decided to procure CVR(T)s from British surplus stocks – as a result, the type will be part of the fleet of NATO combat vehicles for years to come.
This double volume publication, lavishly illustrated with no less than 260 colour and black&white photos plus graphics on a total of 128 pages describes the development history and technology, yet first and foremost the use of the many CVR(T) family vehicles on exercise. Volume One (Special 9033) covers the Scorpion, Scimitar and Sabre reconnaissance vehicles while Volume Two (Special 9034) deals with the variants such as the Striker, Spartan, Samaritan, Sultan, Samson, Stormer and Shielder.

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Illustrated throughout with 122 colour photographs, 26 black&white photos and 10 graphics
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